What Could These Essential Quick Wins Do For Your Art?

Are you an artist who loves to create art but feels like you are missing out on some essential key ingredients for producing professional-looking artwork? Perhaps you missed something along the way, or maybe there are some key concepts that you just don't fully understand, and you feel they are holding you back from REALLY getting started. That's okay! I have an Essentials Mini-Course for Beginners that I offer as a bonus to all of my students, and you can get it for free today! I'll provide more details below.

Free Mini-Course: Essential Lessons and Resources for Beginner Artists

(Especially if you’re struggling with color, composition or looking for tools that will aid your weaknesses)

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What's Been Stopping You So Far?

  • Have you taken online courses, only to feel like you are about 20 steps behind where they're starting—even though they're supposed to be for beginners?
  • Have you attempted to find answers on YouTube but aren't sure which terms to search for or where to start?
  • Have you hesitated to use tools and resources that could actually help you because you're worried you're not technically savvy enough to know how to use them? 

How has this worked out for you?

 Believe it or not, if you are here right now you're much closer to figuring it out than you thought! 

Sometimes it only takes a few dots to be connected to make it all come together. You're also probably ready to find some structure that can get you to a proper 'starting point' for becoming the artist you want to be. 

How Will I Get You There? 

I share my favorite free online tools to find and match the exact paint pigments you can buy.

✅ I'll show you exactly how to use Canva to collage and swatch your paint colors to your reference photos.

✅ You'll get my favorite website to source copyright-free reference photos to use in your art.

✅ I'll teach you exactly why you're mixing muddy colors and help you grasp how to consistently achieve the color you desire to maintain excellence in your art.

✅ I reveal the SECRET tools of the Masters to attain realism and depth in your artwork.

✅ I'll unveil the ridiculously easy way to set the mood in your art.

✅ I will break down the exact way you can find your style as an Artist.

✅ I'll teach you the essential framework to guide your audience's eye in your artwork using basic composition.

✅ I'll help you harness the quick and easy way to create stunning art with limited palettes – it works so well you’ll swear it's magic!

Why is this Free?
... Welcome to my Home.


My mission is crystal clear: I'm here to provide an abundance of value to you in this mini-course, entirely free of charge if you commit to investing your time in your future. I wholeheartedly welcome artists who are eager to invest their time in themselves, as this commitment is key to their growth. I aim to cultivate a community dedicated to growth, where members pursue tangible goals through hard work and unwavering dedication. To deliver the highest quality education, it's crucial for you to trust that I genuinely have your best interests at heart- and this mini-course is a taste of how I can help you grow as your teacher. I aspire to be an integral part of your artistic journey, a contributor to your unique story, and a part of your lasting legacy as an artist.

In a nutshell, my mission is to empower you to become the artist of your dreams, but it requires your commitment and effort, just as much as mine.

Meet Beth Gatza...

Beth Gatza is a Professional Artist, Former Private-School Art Teacher, and Creative Content Educator.

For the past ten years, Beth Gatza has been helping aspiring artists unlock their creative potential, achieve their artistic goals, and create a life filled with artistic excitement.

In this transformative free minicourse, Beth Gatza will guide you through essential lessons and provide valuable resources to elevate your artistry as a beginner artist.

This essential minicourse has empowered hundreds of beginners to embrace their inner artists, and it's yours to access for free below...

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