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Cinematic Portraits

How you can make portrait paintings look like movie posters!

The step-by-step process I use to make paintings look and feel like REAL movie poster!

Cinematic Portraits is a portrait painting course that focuses not only on the "how" of portrait painting, but also the "how" of designing a piece prior to painting. You can take this course as the next step after 'Realistic Portraits for Beginners' or you can take this course in place of 'Realistic Portraits for Beginners' if you feel like you have knowledge of the painting process, and are more interested in the design process.

What you'll get:

  • Instant and Unlimited Access to your purchased course in the comfort of your own home.
  • 6 Hours and 49 Minute Course divided into Lessons and Demonstrations.
  • The 2 Hour & 20 Minute Lesson Module begins by showing my inspiration and design process, then breaks down the painting process into 5 steps.
    • 1.) Prepping your Reference Photo for Painting
    • 2.) Prepping your Painting Surface
    • 3.) Your Image Transfer
    • 4.) Blocking in Values
    • 5.) Color Glazing
  • The 4 Hour & 15 Minute Demonstration Module shows how I painted 3 Cinematic Portraits inspired by movie posters. Each portrait is broken into smaller videos that highlight the inspiration and design process, as well as the 5 steps of the painting process. I will be talking you through each of the video demonstrations discussing the process, materials, and the mistakes that I had made during the painting process, so you can avoid them in your own works.
  • Breakdown of the materials I used, how to use these materials, and options of materials that will fit within your budget.
  • Also included, is an additional FREE prerequisite course that breaks down the steps that I use for finding and matching paint colors to my reference photo, as well as a quick history lesson about the tools the "masters" used to make their paintings better.

Cinematic Portraits is the non-traditional way of learning portrait painting and will be a fun way to learn the process I use to get my pieces completed from start to finish!