How to Cancel Your MASTERPIECE Membership 


Step 1. Customers cancel their subscription

Customers can manually cancel their subscription from their account:

  • A customer will log in to their account.
  • Click on their Avatar from the page header.
  • Select Settings from the dropdown.
  • Click Billing Info in the top right of the page:
Video Poster Image

Depending on the Offer they wish to cancel and the payment method used to purchase the Offer, they can cancel their subscription:

Stripe (Paid with Credit Card)

  • Select the Cancel button:

After your customer clicks Cancel, they will be prompted to confirm their cancellation:

Once confirmed, their subscription payments will be inactive and you will no longer receive payments for the subscription. 

Step 2. After customers cancel their subscription

After your customer cancels their subscription, they will lose access to their Offer Subscription at the end of the current billing cycle. 

Your customer can view their canceled subscription and access end date in their Billing Information:

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